London smart city mission #2 and the link with Proptech

This mission of London is all about sharing data and be transparent. London not only wants to grow as a city in general, but is also motivating businesses to share interesting data with others and act more transparent. To win trust, organisations are asked to share collected data and analyse-results. Sharing essential information that could mean a direct solution for others is an example of this. This mission is in line with the first mission (more user-designed services), which is mainly about connecting people through online platforms. This makes it easier and quicker for people to get in touch with each other and continue to communicate remotely. Mission two focuses on data sharing. The mayor of London has announced that there will be a ‘London Office for Data Analytics and programme’ (LODA). The website of the U.K. Government lets us know:


So, basically, the data of a building is now collected and stored in one system that can be shared with different parties. Hence, the property becomes more transparent which is also a goal of the U.K. government, only on a meso-level.

To make LODA work, a lot of data sharing and collaborations between councils, the NHS and other public services will be started. It will build on existing partnerships with universities and the tech sector, such as London Ventures and the London Counter-Fraud Hub. In this case, the inventions that were made under the name ‘PropTech’ are linked also to this second mission of the ‘London smart city’ challenge. Data sharing is important, not only for the city in general but also for a specific building. The data of a building is shared more easy and successful these days because of ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM), which simply means a digital blueprint of a building. The data of a building is digitized and constantly optimized by connected smart systems in the building. The useful data is than shared with parties that have to work or live in the building. The data will be shared with the online platforms where different groups like tenants, landlords, property owners and property managers are connected with.

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