Future economy is a social economy

Where we initially needed manpower, technology and machines replaced it. People all over the world speculate about the future: will technology replace man? What about human work, such as the elderly and children? And how reliable is this technology? Nothing is certain, but it is clear that technology plays a role.

The inventions of recent years have made life a lot easier for us. During the inventions, no thought was given to the influence on the human aspect of work. The ultimate word was ‘efficiency’. And that’s right. The factories were automated, which doubled production turnover, prevented errors and saved costs. People were only used to support the machines. Maintenance and production line work. It is a danger that a worker must constantly perform the same operation. Ultimately: mind killing.

Today, people’s work is appreciated again, but there is a big difference compared to the past: instead of people supporting machines and technology, people are now supported by machines and technology. The roles have been reversed.

In addition, the economy has changed from a capitalist to a social one.

Pure profit thinking is not viable for a company that wants to survive in the long term. Because of all the attention for nature and quality of life in the news, companies have to go along. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are playing an increasingly important role in business, motivated by the government. In order to achieve a particular goal, collaborations have flowed. Companies with the same goal support each other in achieving it.

The bottom line is that in the economy of the future people will remain central, but digitisation and automation play a very important supporting role. Best of both sides.

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