The Investment Manager Journey

The Investment Manager Journey

Family offices continue to be a hot topic, they are constantly growing in size and volume with no signs of slowing down. This growth Is not ignored by asset managers: if you are looking to raise capital, family offices can most likely be of significant importance to you.

There are a few trends that most family offices follow. As an example, over half of family offices are planning to realign their investment strategy in the upcoming year. 46% are planning to invest into private equity directly and 42% are devoting more to funds, while 34% will be channeling more capital into real estate for 2020.

You might be connected to some well-known family offices, but truth is, most family offices are actually under the radar. Usually they don’t advertise and many don’t even have a website. This applied to both large and small family offices.


The problem is once you do come into wealth, everyone’s coming after you.”


Even with an extensive professional network it’s still difficult to reach these family offices because they have their own, separate network. Only with connections in that specific network, you’ll be able to reach them.


You have to know the right people in order to gain access.


Bespoke Connections has evolved over the past few years. Seven years ago, we started as a networking platform for UHNW members and family offices. Now, Bespoke matches investors directly with specialist managers with investment opportunities across multiple asset classes. Working together closely with several types of family offices over the past seven years, we have been able to develop a close-knit network, gaining access to very niche family office networks as well.

Due to these longstanding relationships, we know exactly in which asset classes our family offices invest in, when they want to invest and what kind of specific opportunity they are looking for.


It’s all about meeting the right people at the right time.

Bespoke Connections: Connecting Wealth with Opportunity.



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Bespoke Connections is a  leading, independent consultancy matching Family Offices, Private Clients and Institutional Investors to specialist managers and direct investment opportunities across mainstream and alternative asset classes
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Another excellent event from the Bespoke Team. The hard work the extended team puts in before the event really paid off as we only met decision-makers with very active portfolios – in comparison to other events where you are more likely to meet professional advisers or middle men. The team were also excellent on the day, coping with the snowy curve ball of the weather, re-arranging everyone’s schedules so that we met with everyone. The RAC venue, strikes the right tone and provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere convivial for more serious discussions. We came away with a very full and promising future diary.

Oairo Alliance Limited
Keiron Allen, Founder & Managing Partner

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