The Investor Journey

The Investor Journey

As wealth moves more rapidly around the world, investors are becoming increasingly active in their investment strategies. It used to be enough to buy property and the central banks would deliver super-charged returns, but times have changed. A lot.

Technology, private equity and venture capital are very popular topics currently. Although there is a high demand for investing opportunities, an even higher number of possibilities has arisen over the years.


“The secret to great investing is to wait.”
Warren Buffet


Waiting to increase in value, waiting for the right thing to come along, waiting for the right product at the right price: that is exactly where Bespoke Connections comes in. Our Investor Relation team is constantly looking into unique opportunities to introduce to our investor network. The team selects them carefully and matches these opportunities with specific investors. Their tight-knit, longstanding relationships with investors make it possible to find the perfect fit.


“Besides extensive networking, our investor relations team is constantly analyzing one-of-a-kind opportunities.”


Connecting with Bespoke means you’ll be informed about investment opportunities which are specifically relevant to you. That is what Bespoke Connections is about: Connecting Wealth with Opportunity.


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Bespoke Connections is a  leading, independent consultancy matching Family Offices, Private Clients and Institutional Investors to specialist managers and direct investment opportunities across mainstream and alternative asset classes
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Another excellent event from the Bespoke Team. The hard work the extended team puts in before the event really paid off as we only met decision-makers with very active portfolios – in comparison to other events where you are more likely to meet professional advisers or middle men. The team were also excellent on the day, coping with the snowy curve ball of the weather, re-arranging everyone’s schedules so that we met with everyone. The RAC venue, strikes the right tone and provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere convivial for more serious discussions. We came away with a very full and promising future diary.

Oairo Alliance Limited
Keiron Allen, Founder & Managing Partner