PropTech, not just a hype

The upcoming popularity of PropTech is a fact. After changes in the financial world because of FinTech (which gave us online banking), the opportunity to make paper sketches into real-life virtual reality viewings and digitised blueprints that we now know as the accessible BIM, it is not surprising that PropTech is not just a hype. PropTech is new, exciting and problem solving for the real estate market.

We are working hard on it and the results are impressive. There are speculations that it won’t be long before we experience a smart building as normal and when you think about it, we sometimes do so unconsciously. For example, look around you when you walk into a building: the doors open automatically, the lights turn on automatically for a short time, then you must swing a little. But also, the temperature and fresh air are regulated for you. More and more buildings are equipped with smart windows, doors and energy regulators. It becomes almost impossible to forget the light when you leave the building last, simply because you don’t have to. Just like building security: no activity after a certain time? The security installation reacts and activates itself. This is all possible today, and only the beginning of what’s coming.

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