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Who we are?

Bespoke Connections is a fast-growing global placement firm specializing in raising capital for global alternative funds & select direct investment opportunities from our long standing relationship with Family Offices, and Institutional Investors across 15+ countries.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bespoke Connections is to be a high calibre, client-focussed capital introduction firm that, on the one hand, introduces niche and unique investment opportunities to our pre-qualified and sophisticated investor base and, on the other, provides the best avenues for capital seekers to meet their capital requirements in a timely manner.

Venture Capital

We successfully manage joint ventures and acquisitions, develop partnerships, and focus on growth prospects.

Private Equity

Our firm seeks a business entity that adds value to its strategic and operational objectives. We aspire to add value by investing in successful firms where our capital, strategic expertise, and global networks can help leverage new thoughts.

Real Estate

We aim to use our worldwide knowledge to deliver excellent profits for our investors and create value in society at large.

Our Global Investor Network

Direct Access to 700+ Sophisticated Investors Across 15+ Countries

Capital Raising

We help clients in choosing the optimum markets for their businesses and overcoming every stage of the difficult initial process through our insights.


Strategic expansion of investor network


Matching fund raise timing with Investor demands


Thorough pre-qualification process


Pre-Introduction Investor Insights


Post meeting feedback & analysis


Key Investor requirements & intelligence